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Allan Serhan
Allan SerhanOwner Operators
Developing the 2 Lodges

Hawkrock Wilderness Adventures provides our guests the opportunity to experience Northern Saskatchewan Flyin Fishing Bear Hunts Lodge along with Saskatchewan Whitetail Hunts and Resident Elk|Moose Hunts.

The #1 rule at Hawkrock is quality not quantity. We take up to a maximum of 16 guests at a time in our Northern Saskatchewan Lodge and 6 at our Porcupine Plain Lodge.

As the owner and operator of Hawkrock Wilderness Adventures, I also do a lot of guiding myself. In addition, we do a lot of the ground work in getting ready for the bear hunts. Hawkrock Wilderness Adventures has been working in this far remote region since 1985.

I love the wilderness. I have a lot of fun but respect it immensely.

Our goal is to show you an absolutely great adventure, stress free.

I started up both of my lodges from scratch with no help from rich relatives or investors. Each lodge is built from lumber that I cut the trees down myself and had sawed up. In total, over 60,000 board feet was used to develop both locations.

Northern Saskatchewan Flyin Fishing Bear Hunts Lodge 

Working on remote hydro lines in the far northern wilderness of Saskatchewan gave me the opportunity to see the countless virgin lakes and rivers that had never had an angler on them.

After 4 years of closer exploration and dealing with government officials, my lodge on the Hawkrock River was born. As a young man of 25 with a vision and a dream most could not understand, it was incredibly exciting and rewarding to build this modern fly-in fishing and hunting lodge in the middle of virgin wilderness with nobody else around for miles.

With over 80 Otter float plane loads of construction material alone flown in for your conveniences, the Hawkrock is truly one of a kind adventure.

Hawkrock Wilderness Adventures is the only lodge left in the remote area of northern Saskatchewan that has never been sold or under different management. This reflects the passion I have for the north and everything that comes with it.

At our place you will NOT see any other boats or persons other than your fishing buddies and my staff.

Porcupine Plain, Saskatchewan Whitetail Hunting Lodge 

I purchased this quarter of land as it was 100% wooded and untouched. With it being located by 10s of 1,000s of acres of provincial park forest, Greenwater Lake Provincial Park.

Originally I started out using outfitter tents where many of my clients still reminisce about the rigid ‘comforts of home’.

I cleared the road into the main yard and upgraded the accommodations over the years.

Our first camp is what we now call  ‘The Bunk House’ which is made out of logs. Later I brought in a two bedroom modular home that was our location prior to our 3,o00 square foot, two story lodge.

Look forward to seeing you soon – You are going to love it!