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Saskatchewan Whitetail Hunts, Fly-in Fishing, Bear Hunts, Elk Hunts, Moose Hunts

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Saskatchewan Whitetail Hunts, Fly-in Fishing, Bear Hunts, Elk Hunts, Moose Hunts

It is no secret that Saskatchewan, Canada has some of the best fishing and hunting in the world. If you are looking for the ultimate in Whitetail Hunts, Bear Hunts, Fly-in Fishing – look no further.

As a life-time Saskatchewan resident and a professional outfitter for over 30 years, you can be confident that your experience with us will be some of the best hunting and fishing adventures and that’s why guests come back year after year.


It doesn’t matter what you know if your outfitter can’t come through with prime locations. Hawkrock Wilderness Adventures has two premiere locations that are unique in Saskatchewan. We meet the expectations of the most saavy hunter and fisherman from all over the world. You’ll also benefit from Allan Serhan’s 30 years experience of owning and operating both camps.

Join us in Northern Saskatchewan


Your first option is located in Northern Saskatchewan, only 65 miles from the Northwest Territories border.

Imagine you and your group flying in on a chartered float plane with ~400 square kilometers where we have boats on 6 lakes and the Hawkrock River (rapids).

Hawkrock Wilderness Adventures is the only lodge left in the remote area of northern Saskatchewan that has never been sold or under different management. This reflects the passion I have for the north and everything that comes with it. We have had exclusive use for the last 30 years. What this means to you is that only staff and Hawkrock guests have ever hunted or fished this prime location.

At our Hunting & Fishing camp in Northern Saskatchewan, enjoy:

Northern Saskatchewan Bear Hunts
Rifle, Muzzle Loader and Bow Available

Northern Saskatchewan is known to have some of the best hunting available in the world. Our hunters have taken various colored phase bears (chocolate, black, cinnamon, & blonde).

Over the years, we have had various TV and documentaries film crews join us to capture some of the best fly-in fishing and bear hunts in Saskatchewan. Watch Backyard Country Quest video as Chris Keefer gets his first blonde bear ever.

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Bear Hunts

Northern Saskatchewan Fly-in Fishing
Walleye, Lake Trout, Arctic Greyling and Northern Pike 

Come and get the Saskatchewan Grand Slam out of one lodge with NO daily flyouts. With 6 different lakes and the Hawkrock River you can do it all here.

Lake Trout up to 42lb, Northerns up to 52″, Arctic Greyling up to 3lbs and Walleye caught this far north still weighing 8lbs+ makes fishing at Hawkrock Wilderness Adventures a true fisherman’s paradise. If you are a fly fisherman you will be in heaven fishing for greyling and monster northern.

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Trophy Fly & Reel Fishing


Northern Saskatchewan Fly-in Fishing & Bear Hunt Combo
The Ultimate Remote Wilderness Adventure

Why decide? Do it all at Hawkrock Wilderness Adventures.

A typical day consists of fly-in fishing by day and bear hunting in the evening. Mix up days by deciding which species you want to fish. Then you will head to a well baited stand for an evening of bear hunting.

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Bear Hunts

Join us in Central, Eastern Saskatchewan


For our second location, you will be approximately 3 hours from Saskatoon or 3.5 hours from Regina.

You will be hunting the Greenwater Provincial Park fringe as well as other fringe forest areas. We hunt private and crown land drawing game from tens of thousands acres of forest. You will drive into hunters’ paradise located in east, central Saskatchewan.

As our guests, you have between 20-30 bait sites. At prime locations, you will hunt over baited stands giving you the best opportunity for a successful hunt.

At this location your hunting options include:

Central Eastern Saskatchewan Trophy Whitetail Hunts
Rifle, Muzzle Loader and Bow Available

Hawkrock Wilderness Adventures.

You will be hunting fringe forest areas where the highest whitetail populations are. Hawkrock Wilderness Adventures is one of the very few Saskatchewan Outfitters who have the rights to hunt fringe forest areas. You will have a wide variety of baited stands and blinds ranging from open fields to dense forest locations. You get the privilege of hunting natural buck runs that 30 years experience has shown me.

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Whitetail Hunts

Central Eastern Saskatchewan Resident Elk Hunts
Rifle, Muzzle Loader and Bow Available

The Porcupine Plain|Greenwater Lake Provincial Park are very well known throughout the province of Saskatchewan to have a consistently high Elk Population.

Our Elk Hunts consist of hunting a lot of private land as well as crown land. You have the option of a full or semi-guided elk hunt.

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Elk Hunts

Central Eastern Saskatchewan Resident Moose Hunts
Rifle, Muzzle Loader and Bow Available

Hunt in the early call season. There is nothing to get your adrenaline flowing like calling a Bull Moose in during the rut. Resident Moose Hunts can be fully or semi-guided hunts. We hunt a lot of private land as well as some crown land.

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Moose Hunts


Some of Our Happy Clients, Pretty Cool eh?

  • This was a fabulous trip!
  • I always look forward to coming back to visit the friends and staff at Hawkrock.
  • Definitely coming back next year.
  • Even more than I imagined.
  • Multiple blinds and stands – options for the right hunter and weather.
  • Amazing scenery and service.
  • This is my fifth time up north and I’m still hooked.
Is to provide you with unique hunting, fishing and adventure trips that you say, “This is a trip worth taking.”.
We treat you like you deserve when taking that well deserved break.
We guarantee you that we are more than just a fly in fishing and hunting trip, we are truly a wilderness adventure.
Each of our guests are provided with maps, directions and what to bring. You will find a comprehensive list on the page for the hunt or fishing trip in Saskatchewan you plan on taking. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.
Northern Saskatchewan Bear and Fishing Dates run from the second week in June until mid September. If you are currently trying to plan a specific date, please contact me for further details. Our Greenwater Provincial Park & Porcupine Plain area hunts start in early September until the end of November. Check out the hunts you are interested in for further information.
Bookings can be made with me over the phone. You will receive a confirmation email.