Book for Groups of 4 or More?

To discuss booking a larger group of 4 or more, please contact Allan at 306.278-7159 for full details on options available to you and your group.

US and Foreign Visitors

When booking, please ensure you have a HAL number. If you aren't sure on how to submit for one, please let us know and we can walk you through the process.

Elk & Moose Hunts

We provide these hunts to Saskatchewan residents. For full details, contact us at 306.278.7159

Travel Questions

If you have any further questions about travel plans, please contact Allan at 306.278.7159

Special Guests

Jeff Theis from Venom TV came down to film our operation. Check out Venom TV

What a Shot!


We are currently composing guest photos and will be uploaded soon.

Lady Hunters


This is a wife of a couple that came up to Saskatchewan from the US. Awesome!

Buddies Succeed at Hunt

These clients are repeat over the years!

Now That’s Mass


This was an amazing hunt for Ryan.